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  • Eyewear Glasses Store was founded by Gary Edwards, a retired ophthalmologist, who sold his first pair of glasses, online, way back in 1999. Back then buyers had to be very trusting to spend their money using this new medium, the Internet. 
    Modern software and the enormous acceptance of internet sales, has made it possible for our online store to offer you eye wear directly from the manufacturers in China.

  • Eye Wear Glasses Store's goal is to provide you with great-looking glasses that are safe to wear and healthy for your eyes. Many materials can be used to create a pair of glasses lenses. Eye wear lenses can still be made of glass, the standard material used for centuries.
    We all know what happens to glass when it is hit too hard. Worse yet, what happens to a glass lens when it shatters while resting 1/2 inch away from your precious eyes? In our opinion, glass has no role in modern sunglasses or reading glasses.

  • In 1940, a plastic was developed after 39 tries. It was a chemical resin and was given the imaginative name of CR-39 (Columbia Resin #39). It has stood the test of time and is still used in most of today's prescription glasses. 
    In the 1980s a new plastic was invented called polycarbonate. It has the property of being very difficult to break. This is due to its relative softness compared with glass or even CR-39. Polycarbonate is always used to create children's eyewear and sports goggles because of its resistance to trauma. 
    Eye Wear Glasses Store only offers sunglasses, readers and blue-blocking glasses which feature polycarbonate lenses.

  • One problem with modern sunglasses and readers is that there is no real standard for size. Various measurements are given to you in millimeters which most Americans do not relate to. 
    Eye Wear Glasses Store converts these numbers into frame sizes that are easy for you to understand. Each eyeglass model name is followed by its size when listed on this site. 
  • The main size variation is in the width of a frame. In our store, these sizes have been called: 
  • Narrow - for the person who has a small or narrow face;
  • Medium - for most of us who have a regular sized face and facial width
  • Wide - for those of us who have a wider face; and,
  • Extra wide - for those who have a larger head and wider face.

  • Eye Wear Glasses Store, offers you well-made eyewear from the same sources in China that create most of the world's eyeglasses but at a fraction of the cost compared to when they have a designer brand name on them. Purchase your sunglasses, readers, computer glasses and blue-blocking eyewear on this site, and you will know it will fit you, it is safe and healthy, and it is fairly priced.

    Thank you for considering the Eye Wear Glasses Store for your next eyeglass purchase. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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